The life you can save/h2>

You might think about charity as something you do with the extra change you find lying around, or by supporting a friend running in a local race. That's how we used to feel – until we learned how much even a modest amount of charity can accomplish when given to the right organizations.
Boots on the ground and random acts of kindness are leading the rescue efforts. The Cajun Navy, made up of regular people on regular boats, have headed out to save those in desperate need of help.

COMFIDEX suggestions include organizations raising money for food, water, baby supplies, places to stay and various crowd-sourcing and fundraisers.
our goal is to raise awareness of the homeless, which is why our campaign is so important. With the power of leverage and compounding we can help provide shelter and food for affected. Join our growing community by sharing our website with friends and on all of your social media channels. For each donation and gifts we receive, a life is saved. That's no cost to you, but a big impact for others The Austin American-Statesman also encouraged readers to donate money and gifts to Comfidex working to place evacuees and rescued animals. .

The COMFIDEX is answer the call for help. This organization has loaded up whatever donations they can getand have sent it to help save life. We are calling on others to join this mission today and save a life.